Chain Link Fence Pictures

Chain link fences come in all sizes and many colors.  They typically come in sheets of mesh square or diamond shapes.  They can be bought at Lowes, Home Depot, Tractor Supply Company, and many other stores.   Below are some pictures of chain link fences being used for many different purposes.  Hopefully the different designs and colors will give you some new ideas for your fencing project.

This first picture is of standard, residential mesh chain link fence.  This type of fence can be comprised of metal or aluminum.  It comes in sheets of the diamond shaped mesh, posts, clamps, bolts, etc.  You can buy the complete chain link fence kits for this type of fence at the stores I mentioned above.  This type of fence is very common and is fairly inexpensive.  It is also kind of blah.  Just using different colors can make the fence more appealing to look at.

residential chain link fence

Next is a picture of a black chain link fence. This one is much taller and has a nice gate in the middle of all the panels.

black chain link fence

Here’s a picture of a green chain link fence.  I really like this color much more than the regular gray unpainted version and the black version.

green chain link fence

You can find these type of fences around wildlife refuge’s, national parks, etc.

Next you’ll find a decorative chain link fence.  These designs are fairly new and are becoming more and more popular for residential purposes as well as for enclosing parks and playgrounds.

decorative chain link fence

Next we have a picture of a security chain link fence.

chain link security fence

This particular chain link fence has rolls of barbed wire at the top to prevent intruders from getting in and keep people from getting out.

Here is another chain link fence with extra security features added at the top.  These care commonly found at places like airports.

chain link fence with barbed wire

picture of chain link fence with barbed wire at the top

You can get all types of extra security added to the top if you wanted to, such as rolls of razor wire.  Those are commonly found on top of fences at prisons.

I hope now that you’ve seen all of these photos you can have some better design ideas and decide which type of chain link fence would be best for your project.