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Different Kinds of Fences

When it comes to fencing there are hundreds of different kinds of fences made of different types of materials that serve specific purposes.  When you factor in all the different styles of fences and functions as well there are truly limitless amounts of fencing options available.  Below is a list of 20 different types of fences and a little bit of information about them.aluminum fence

This is an aluminum fence.  Aluminum fencing is strong, durable and mostly maintenance free.  It works great for enclosing a swimming pool area.

aluminum yard fence

Aluminum fencing comes in different styles and different heights.  It also works great as a property border to fence in a backyard.  It’s strong enough that pets won’t chew threw it.

bamboo fence

This is a picture of a bamboo privacy fence.  Most often, bamboo fencing comes in rolled panels and each bamboo pole is tied tight to the next one, creating a solid wall for privacy.

bamboo fencingBamboo fencing comes in artificial panels or natural bamboo panels in various different colors ranging from light to dark.  Bamboo fences add beauty to any backyard or landscape.

chainlink fenceThis is a photo of a chainlink fence.  These are often used at parks, baseball and softball fields and around powerplants and city properties.

chainlink fencing

Chainlink fencing is strong and durable yet less expensive than other metal fences. It comes in different grades and can be coated.  Vinyl coated chain link fencing typically comes in green or black.

electric fence

This is a photo of an electric fence.  Electric fences come in different options using different types of hot wire.  The one shown also has a strand of barbed wire fence at the bottom.  Electric fences are typically used by farmers to keep livestock such as cattle inside a field.

electric fence photo

Electric fence and hot wire fencing is typically easy to install and easy to repair.  It’s considered an inexpensive fence compared to other types of fencing that serve similar purposes.

garden fence picture

Here’s a  picture of a beautiful flower garden fence.  Garden fences come in many forms but are typically made from wood or vinyl.

horse fence

Historically, most horse fences were wooden fences.  But in recent years a lot of white vinyl horse fencing has surfaced as well.  Wooden fences are cheaper than vinyl but they require upkeep, repair and painting whereas vinyl fences do not.

wooden horse fence

Here’s a photo of a beautiful horse behind a four board black wooden horse fence.

iron fencing

Iron fencing has timeless beauty.  It comes in many different styles and shapes.  Wrought iron fences and ornamental iron fences are strong, durable and add safety and security to a property.

iron fence with brick columns

Here’s a picture of an iron fence between tall brick columns with concrete column caps.

metal fence

Here’s a photo of a metal fence with a gate.  Metal fencing is durable but often requires painting over time.  It can also rust over time.

metal yard fence

Here’s a picture of a black metal yard fence separating two lawns.

picket fence picture

Here’s a picture of a beautiful white picket fence.  The white picket fence is the symbol of the American dream.  A picket fence with pretty landscaping can make any house look lovely.

tall white picket fencePicket fencing can also be used as a border around yards.  Picket fences are usually made of wood or of white vinyl pvc.

plastic privacy fence

Privacy fencing used to be predominantly wooden, but vinyl and plastic has become a big trend in recent years.  This pic is of a beautiful plastic backyard privacy fence.

plastic pool fence

Plastic fences don’t require painting and are virtually maintenance free.  They make excellent privacy fences enclosing swimming pool areas.

swimming pool fence

There are many different kinds of swimming pool fences.  Some are for privacy purposes and some are for safety purposes.  This is a metal safety fence.

swimming pool fence

Here’s another swimming pool safety fence to keep children and uninvited guests out of the pool area.

privacy fence picture

Here’s a picture of a beautiful wooden privacy fence, stained and water sealed.

privacy fence photo

Here’s another picture of a common wooden privacy fence.  These are typically tall with the boards touching each other so people can’t see inside.

PVC fence

Here’s a picture of a gorgeous PVC yard fence.

PVC privacy fence

Here’s another picture of a PVC fence.  This one is a backyard privacy fence.

We will post more photos of different types of fences soon so check back for an update.

Vinyl Fence Pictures

Installing a vinyl fence is a great option for people who want a low-maintenance fence that is still very sturdy and very beautiful.

Benefits of Vinyl Fences:

  1. You don’t have to paint or stain vinyl fencing.
  2. Rain won’t make your fence lose its color.
  3. Vinyl fencing is very low-maintenance and easy to maintain.
  4. Vinyl fences are very durable and last a long time.
  5. Vinyl fences come in a variety of colors so you can still get the look you want without paint or stain.

The Downside to Vinyl Fences:

  1. Even though vinyl is sturdy it is still a form of plastic and that leaves it vulnerable.
  2. In colder climates vinyl fencing can become brittle due to the weather.
  3. Options for repairing vinyl fences are few.  When damage occurs you have to repair the whole segment of damaged fence rather than being able to touch up individual pieces.

As you can see there are more pros than cons.

There are many different types and styles of vinyl fence.  Below are some photos of different kinds of vinyl fences as well as different colors.

Pictures of Vinyl Fences:

white vinyl fence panels


This is a picture of a white vinyl fence panel.  This particular panel has qualities of a picket fence as well as a privacy fence.  It has see through boards in the middle, thick columns with a decorative post tops on the outsides, a thick horizontal board on the bottom at almost ground level, and a thin horizontal board near the top.  This fence would look beautiful, keep things inside, keep things outside, and provide some level of privacy.

white vinyl fencing


Here’s a photo of white vinyl fencing running around a subdivision.  The fence panels aren’t completely solid but do give a high degree of privacy and security.

white vinyl privacy fence


Here’s a picture of a white vinyl privacy fence that surrounds this home’s entire yard.  The fence panels are solid with no cracks or light, making them very solid for privacy and security purposes.

white vinyl picket fence


Here’s a picture of a beautiful white vinyl picket fence.  The white picket fence is a symbol of The American Dream.  This particular vinyl picket fence features decorative post tops and a curved pattern for the individual vertical boards.

solid curved white vinyl fence


This fence is more expensive but is also more elegant.  Not only is it beautifully designed with high panels, curved panels and low panels that flow together to form an awesome fence, but it also is solid and tall, making it perfect for privacy and security.

All the pictures above have been of white fences, but vinyl fencing actually comes in many different color options.

vinyl fence colors


Vinyl fence comes in white, ivory, khaki, beige, cedar, wood-grain, forest green, chestnut, tan, and black.  You may even be able to find more colors available through different fencing companies or manufacturers.

Here’s a picture of a beige vinyl fence.

beige vinyl privacy fence


Some people really like the durability of vinyl but the look of wood.  You can actually buy vinyl fence that looks like wood-grain.

wood colored vinyl fence


As you can see from the image above, most people would think that fence was made out of wood even though it’s not.

Here’s another example.  You would never know this was made of vinyl without taking a closer look and feeling of the texture.

vinyl fence that looks like wood


Fence gates are also available in vinyl.


white vinyl gate


This white vinyl fence gate is for a privacy fence.  It’s tall and sturdy with a decorative top and decorative post tops on the side panels.

As is the case with fence panels, vinyl gates also come in multiple color options.  Here is a tan colored gate.

vinyl fence gate


I hope you’ve found this information useful and helpful and I hope that by looking at these images it’s given you a good idea about what type of vinyl fencing you want to get.  Please feel free to send in your own photos of your own fencing and if you’re a builder send us your prices for installation and your company information so we can list it on the site.