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Privacy Fence Pictures

The following pictures are of wooden privacy fences.  These types of fences can be used for pool areas, property lines, or any other place where you want to keep others out and not allow them to see in.

wood privacy fence

This is a picture of a standard wood privacy fence in someone’s back yard.  This fence sets on the property line and separates the homeowner’s property from the house right beside them.

wooden privacy fence

This wooden privacy fence is much more elequant and features a great pattern of horizontal and vertical panels as well as decorative post tops.  It not only provides privacy for this pool area but it looks fantastic as well.

wooden privacy fence design

Here’s another wooden privacy fence design.  This one uses curves at the top with an upside down arc shape at the top which looks like wavs.  It also has decorative post tops.

patterned wooden fence

Here’s a picture of a patterned wooden privacy fence.  Each panel has checkered boards from top to bottom.

wood fence pattern

I really like the wood fence design above.  The design is similar to a wicker basket with each board weaving in and out.  It makes for the best looking wooden fence I have seen so far.

cedar fence

Here is a beautiful privacy fence made of cedar planks.  Not only does it look gorgeous but it smells great too.  This fence has decorative post tops as well.

wood fence with stone columns

This privacy fence has vertical wooden board panels with columns made of stones.  It also features a hedgerow as well.

I hope these pictures of wooden privacy fences designs have given you some ideas for your fencing project.  More pics will be posted soon so please check back often.


Types of Fences

Fences come in all shapes, sizes, and types.  There are more kinds of fences than you probably think.  If you are considering installing a new fence you should probably take a step back and consider all types of fences and try to figure out exactly what kind you actually need.  The first step is to identify the purpose of the fence.  What will it be used for?  Once that is established you should consider the following:

  • What is the lifespan of the fence?
  • Will you be installing the fence yourself or will you need a professional installation?
  • Will the fence have a warranty?
  • What will maintenance of the fence cost?
  • How often will the fence need to be repaired?
  • How much will it cost to build the fence?
  • What level of privacy will the fence have?
  • Will the fence be residential or commercial?
  • What will the fence look like?
  • What pattern will the fence be in?

types of fences

Once you’ve answered those questions you should be ready to move on and decide what the fence will be made of.  The main types of fences are the following:

  • Wood Fences
  • Chain-Link Fences
  • Vinyl Fences
  • Aluminum Fences
  • Wrought Iron Fences

Those listed above are the primary types.  However, there are endless types of fences and uses for fencing.  Below is a list of 20 kinds of fences and what they actually are, as well as what they are used for.

20 Types of Fences

  1. Agricultural fences – Farmers use agricultural fences to keep predators away from their livestock and to keep their livestock from getting out, getting lost, or causing damage.  Agricultural fences include wooden fences, wire fences, and electric fences.
  2. Privacy Fences – Privacy fencing is used anywhere people want to keep others from seeing in.  Privacy fences types often include perimeter fences.
  3. Boundary Fences – These are typically used to show exact property lines.
  4. Pet Fences – These are used to keep animals inside the yard or within the property.  Pet fences can be woven wire, wood, or electric.  They even have invisible electric fences now that are activated by the collars the pets wear.
  5. Pool Fences – These fences usually go around the outskirts of the pool area.  Ornamental wrough iron or metal fences are commonly used.  Brick columns can be a form of fence for pool areas as well.  Pool fences can also be used to keep debris out of the pool area, and more importantly, to keep kids out of the pool area when not supervised.  There are fences made of plastic and vinyl which are designed to bend without breaking, thus, preventing people from climbing over or under the fence.
  6. Chain-Link Fences – chain link fencing is wire woven together.
  7. Concrete Fences – These are fences where concrete is poured in such a manner that it hardens into the shape of a fence.
  8. Close Board Fences – These are very strong fences made from feather edge boards, morticed posts and arris rails.
  9. Sunken Fences  – This type of fence is also known as a “Ha Ha Fence” since it is sunken into the ground.
  10. Hurdle Fences – Sections of hurdle fences can be removed.
  11. Post and Rail Fences – These are very common.  Basically, as the name indicates, they are made from digging a hole, erecting posts, and then inserting rails between the posts.
  12. Roundpole Fences – As the name suggests, these are just made from round poles as opposed to square poles.
  13. Slate Fences – Vertical slates are wired together to make fence panels.
  14. Spear Top Fences – The tops of the posts are pointed like a spear tip.
  15. Picket Fences – Most people think of white picket fences infront of houses as part of the American Dream.  Picket fences are typically two to three feet tall and are most commonly used for landscaping around flower gardens or propertly lines.
  16. Stockade Fences  – These are very similar to the picket fences, but they are much taller and the individual sections are close together.  These are used for privacy.
  17. Vinyl Fences – These are beautiful.  The big advantage to using vinyl fencing is that you don’t have to paint it and you don’t have to replace it very often.  The posts and rail last for long periods of time and usually come with good warranties.
  18. Split-Rail Fences – You can see a lot of these in country areas.  These are decorative fences made of wood or timber and stacked in a zig-zag pattern.
  19. Live Fences  – Hedges and hedgerows are often used to create live fences.  It takes a lot of pruning, trimming and maintenance to maintain a live fence, but they are inexpensive and can be a beautiful addition to any landcaping project.  Hedges aren’t the only type of live fence.  You can also make fences out of cactus and shrubs.
  20. Wire Fences –  Wire fencing comes in all kinds of varieties.  Electric fences are wire fences.  So are barbed wire fences, woven wire fences, chicken wire fences, and welded wire mesh fences.  Wire fences are often used for agricultural purposes to protect livestock, to keep pets in, and to keep predators out.

Now that we’ve told you all about the many different types of fences and what they are used for, we will show you what they look like by providing pictures of as many types as possible.  Once you know what they are and what they look like the only thing left is for you to make a decision of which kind you want to install.  Then you’ll need to know where to buy the fences themselves or where to buy the fence parts so you can install them yourself.