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Split Rail Fence Pictures

Split rail fences have a Southern charm and are typically associated with country living.  Once a thing of the past, split rail fencing is now becoming a popular landscaping trend regardless of location.  You can choose to go with a traditional rustic fence or you can buy modern, treated fence posts and rails.

Split rail fences are not just for looks.  They are ideal for keeping in livestock or horses.

I’d like to start by showing you some of the more modern split rail fence photos.

split rail fence posts

These are what split rail fence posts look like if you buy them today.  They typically come in 2 hole posts or 3 hole posts.  Typically, the rail spacing is 16″ on center and the 3 hole posts are seven feet long and 2 hole posts are five feet nine inches long.  Line rails normally run about eleven feet long.

Here are what the split post rails look like.

split fail fence fails

An emerging trend is white split rail fencing.

white split rail fence corner

The one in the picture is a corner unit.  One of the main elements of split rail fencing is the diagonal rails on typical corner units.

You can also spruce up your fence by adding a decorative gate like the one pictured below.

decorative split rail fence gate

Or you can just use a more traditional gate like this one.

split rail fence gate

Often the wood used for split rail fencing is pine, but many people prefer cedar.

Here is a photo of a beautiful cedar split rail fence.

cedar split rail fence

This is the older, more traditional looking type of fence I was referring to.  This type of fence is what most people envision when you say split rail fence.

rustic split rail fence

The fence above can be found in the Smoky Mountains.  These fences were extremely popular in the Southern states.

split rail fence corner

Here’s another photo of some diagonal corner pieces.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, split rail fencing is often used for landscaping, but it is also widely used by farmers to keep livestock in and keep other animals out.

Below are a couple photos of split rail fencing with wire mesh attached to it.

split rail fence wire mesh

wire mesh on split rail fence

I hope you’ve found this information useful and the pictures helpful.  If you have any questions about any type of fencing just let us know.


Privacy Fence Pictures

The following pictures are of wooden privacy fences.  These types of fences can be used for pool areas, property lines, or any other place where you want to keep others out and not allow them to see in.

wood privacy fence

This is a picture of a standard wood privacy fence in someone’s back yard.  This fence sets on the property line and separates the homeowner’s property from the house right beside them.

wooden privacy fence

This wooden privacy fence is much more elequant and features a great pattern of horizontal and vertical panels as well as decorative post tops.  It not only provides privacy for this pool area but it looks fantastic as well.

wooden privacy fence design

Here’s another wooden privacy fence design.  This one uses curves at the top with an upside down arc shape at the top which looks like wavs.  It also has decorative post tops.

patterned wooden fence

Here’s a picture of a patterned wooden privacy fence.  Each panel has checkered boards from top to bottom.

wood fence pattern

I really like the wood fence design above.  The design is similar to a wicker basket with each board weaving in and out.  It makes for the best looking wooden fence I have seen so far.

cedar fence

Here is a beautiful privacy fence made of cedar planks.  Not only does it look gorgeous but it smells great too.  This fence has decorative post tops as well.

wood fence with stone columns

This privacy fence has vertical wooden board panels with columns made of stones.  It also features a hedgerow as well.

I hope these pictures of wooden privacy fences designs have given you some ideas for your fencing project.  More pics will be posted soon so please check back often.